Counselling New Zealand

Are you looking for a counsellor in Ashburton, Canterbury or Otago?

Below you can find an overview of counsellors in my network.


My name is Linda, counsellor in Ashburton. I offer individual counselling and couples counselling. I am experienced in working with clients on a wide range of issues, including addictions, anxiety and fear, burnout, depression, grief and loss, low self esteem, marriage problems, relationship issues, stress and tension, trauma and PTSD.

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My name is Clement, life coach in Christchurch. I offer individual counselling and coaching and couples counselling. The coaching work I do with people is direct and transformational.

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Counselling Qeenstown
My name is Sonia, coach and counsellor in Queenstown and online skype coach. I’ll give you actionable tools to help you let go, find meaning, and re-gain confidence and courage. I help people navigate through real life. Messy relationships, sucky jobs, heartbreak, trauma, and dreams you’ve forgotten.

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Counselling Dunedin
My name is Brenda, counsellor in Dunedin. I work with most issues including anxiety, depression, professional burnout, substance use, relationships, self-esteem, grief and loss.

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